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Using code, design and almost any other IT tool
to solve your business challenges. Exclusively remote.

How we can help you

Offering card icon for Software Development

Software Development

  • Web sites / apps
  • E-commerce
  • Mobile applications
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UX / UI Desgin

  • User eXperience
  • User Interface
  • Copywritting
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SEO & Marketing

  • Banners
  • Marketing Support
  • On-line & Off-line

Technologies we use

Our software speacilists will always adapt to your needs. Here are some of the technologies we work with:

Some of our projects

Accelerating BAIT's technology proposition to a media audience

Accelerating the client's web footprint while implementing UX/UI principles is at the heart of what we do. Read how we strengthened BAIT's technology proposition to a media audience.

Transforming your clients' vision into the (augmented) reality

Always on the lookout for innovative trending solutions. Tapping into the immersive world of AR while commercialising your business efforts. Introducing Arify, your latest AR friend.  

How we helped Slovak Folk Majolica enter the digital world

Optimised online presence is a must these days. Read about how we successfully digitised Slovak Folk Majolica brand and its heritage

We build community

In addition to various passion projects, we strive to build a solid community around design and information technology.

The LabZone Blog

Remote Work

Team nearshoring can boost you big-time

Getting a nearshore or an offshore team may be the most effective  investment your company can make to progress further. Take a look what are benefits when you hire a remote team. [Read post]

Remote Work

The rise of the time tracking app for remote work

The 2020 coronavirus pandemic has turned office life into home office life. While that certainly has enabled companies to adapt to the new business landscape and helped create other benefits [Read post]

Remote Work

How you can use Discord for business purpose too

Being able to communicate effectively is one of the most important skills to work in an online environment. We use Discord for our business. Take a look how we do it. [Read post]

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