Time to Upskill! Have you started? 

Hello, Upskilling and Reskilling: The Game of 2022

Learning and Development (L&D) in global companies has accelerated as a top 2022 priority.  And we're pumped that most CEOs see the added value it brings to their labor force. Bigger budgets, smarter and more diverse knowledgeable staff, lean operations. A win-win scenario for everyone, right?  On the heel of it, you may be wondering what are the most sought skills for this year? Let's take a look:

  • Resilience and adaptability
  • Technological skills and digital fluency
  • Communications across remote teams
  • Emotional Intelligence (can't learn this one, or?)
  • Leading through change and change management
  • Cross-functional collaboration 

As a mixture of soft and hard skills that can be mastered (or at least fine-tuned), not all of these come naturally. Now, if you are just a tiny bit talented and have already immersed yourself in the digital world, upskilling or reskilling should be part of your weekly routine.

You should spend at least 4 hours during the week to learn a new skill or finish a course. This will give you the upper hand on more than 75% of learners in the workforce. Pretty cool if you ask us. 

What topics are currently trending?

Now comes the hard stuff. Which topic to pick? Which course? Do I need a refresher or do I want to start from scratch? With a gazillion of choices, it takes one a hard look inside and a thorough self-reflection. Because these days is all or nothing, ok?

To keep it on the bright side, here are the top course choice suggestions (spoiler alert, a lot for coders!):


  • C Programming
  • Web development 
  • Internet of Things 
  • JavaScript
  • Microarchitecture
  • Design and product

Data Science:

  • Python Programming 
  • Machine Learning
  • Data Management
  • Deep Learning
  • SQL
  • Econometrics 


  • Digital Marketing
  • Blockchain
  • Data Analysis 
  • Tableau Software
  • Leadership and Management

Where can I get them? Ideally free?

There are tons of online course academies. We're bringing you the best that's out there.

  1. Udemy - a global destination for online learning and key market figure, the platform that connects people through knowledge. Covering all the above mentioned topics, this is the place when you want superb value for money (not to mention the content quality). Particularly good are coding courses starting from €19.95, but don't fret. LaboZone tip - wait for the periodic offers that happen regularly, and you can be SQL pro for 1/4th of the price!
  2. Coursera- provides more than an array of courses. An advanced platform that offers free courses, Certificate courses and for the demanding also Degree courses. You learn from industry giants such as Google, Salesforce, Meta, Intuit, IBM. Ideal for reskilling to a new career path. 
  3. Skillshare- for all creative souls out there. Particular interest in illustration, design, video and photography (all things visual), ideally suited for creators. Perfect for everyone to stay on the pulse of things. A bonus: the first month is free. 
  4. Seduo-  zoning in on Czech and Slovak audiences, this website covers most business disciplines. With a niche profiling for digital marketers and copywriters. Excellent punchy short lectures that will boost your skillset straight off the bat. Once again, watch out for seasonal offers!
  5. Youtube- wait, what? Yes, we are adding YT to this ultimate list as we often forget what a great free resource it is. And so eclectic at the same time - the variety is endless. Perfectly fitted for your ad hoc projects. 

No matter how big or small the course is, the goal is to move forward. Acquiring a new skill often leads to an interview,  and ultimately to a new job. And that´s the bottom line. Our last piece of advice: don't wait! Start today and boost your all-star profile in no time. 

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