Transforming your clients' vision into the (augmented) reality


Always on the lookout for innovative trending solutions. Tapping into the immersive world of AR while commercialising your business efforts. Introducing Arify, your latest AR friend.  

Photography of Vladislav Šaling, Executive manager at ARify

We're beyond excited to launch this innovative product in times like these. It is a real testament to our team to be able to proactively convert the ideas into something tangible, yet aspiring.  We're delighted to act as a bridge between businesses and their customers, bringing them closer to their vision

Vladislav Šaling, Executive manager at ARify

The challenge

Tapping into the immersive world of AR to commercialise your business efforts

The world as we know it is rapidly evolving every day and this is conditioned mainly by the brisk technology advancements as well as the current pandemic environment. It is affecting all industries without exception and for some, it poses an exciting business opportunity.

In particular, retail is the biggest rising 'star' that shows the most potential when shifting customer experiences to digital without losing any revenue. The need to replace the traditional physical sales experiences and substituting them for more sophisticated and engaging technologies such as AR and VR has never been more palpable. Adoption of these is still in its early infancy, however, there are a lot of promising signs to support this trend.


  • 2x Fullstack Developer
  • UI / UX designer

Technologies Stack


Our solution

Web-based AR portal for all visionaries - helping to convert your pipelines

At the beginning, it was only a question. How can we help all architects, designers, manufacturers and alike to accelerate and close more leads? What is the one thing that ultimately helps to land the sale? In retail, it is all about sensory stimulation and portraying the desired image of individual needs. Customers are creating their 'perfect' world including the most wanted self-reflection and the environment they want to live in. And the role of the business is to connect with these customers on the same level intuitively.

At Labzone, we understand these links and the fragile prospect most businesses face. Therefore we put the heads together and came up with this innovative idea of providing an AR driven sales tool that would be hassle-free for both the client and their end-user. And yet stimulating.

We developed a robust platform for all furniture manufacturers, architects, designers, and practically anyone who works in 3D software and wants to showcase the products to their customers.

How does it work?

The process is very straightforward.

  1. Designer has a 3D model ready for viewing in his standard application
  2. Uploads the 3D model to ARify through his account in a matter of seconds
  3. Shares the link with the customer, who sees the work in 360° view or alternatively his   space through Augmented Reality.

And now we got you thinking. How would that baby blue suede relaxing chair look in my living room? Would it fit with the other furniture items? What about dimensions? And positioning? Wouldn't it be handy to see it first before the purchase from the comfort of your home only using your smartphone.

And that's the beauty of it. Due to the efficient AR (ARCore) support in most smartphones nowadays,  there is no need to download specific applications, only to have access to the internet. Ultimately, leveraging the native device support.

ARify came as a response to the growing AR need in many industries. We've built it up from the ground, including concept drafting, design work through the actual platform development and coding in Node.js and React. It is hosted on its own server.

Start benefiting from ARify today and get in touch to organise a free demo!