How we helped Slovak Folk Majolica enter the digital world


Optimised online presence is a must these days. Read about how we successfully digitised Slovak Folk Majolica brand and its heritage

Photography of Miriam Fuňová, head of OZ

I would like to thank the whole Labzone team for truly understanding a completely different world of traditional crafts and transcribing its beauty into electronic form for the public. The relationship is very strong, and we are looking forward to further cooperation.

Miriam Fuňová, head of OZ

The challenge

To create a full digital offering for the key traditional and renowned cultural heritage brand in Slovakia

Slovak Folk Majolica is a nonprofit cultural organisation settled in the heart of Male Karpaty in Modra. Its key mission is to preserve and renew the national pottery heritage that dates back to the 14th century. The organisation protects the tradition of Modran majolica production, develops the skills and passes the heritage to future generations.

Our client's objective was to tell the story of Modran majolica on a global scale with 24/7 access to information. The ever-growing requirement to be present online was very well understood by the client, wishing to connect the traditional and modern world.

Slovak Folk Majolica was therefore looking for a provider with excellent digital capabilities in software development, eCommerce and SEO tactics that would enable them to activate and accelerate their brand.


  • Fullstack Developer
  • Wordpress Expert

Technologies Stack


Our solution

Tailor-made unique website and engaging crafty applications that catch the eye

First, we defined the project’s objectives and KPIs at the project outset. The target audience was all Slovak residents that resulted in a need for a clean, easy to understand website.

We collated a document that confirmed the project team, roles and responsibilities, high-level in-scope deliverables for coding and development, the project budget, project plan including key sign off points, timeframes for delivery, and a deployment plan. Utilising our strong UX/UI know-how, we proposed the optimal customer's journey. This user focused approach ensured all required site functionality was delivered in a functional, minimalistic and user-friendly way.

Afterwards, we hardcoded and developed the website as requested. It is built on WordPress - the most trusted secure website builder and runs on its own hosting server VPS. As an enhancement, we were tasked to create a comprehensive eCommerce shop to build on the interest generated from the main website.

What next?

And we didn't stop there. Building on the long-standing relationship while fully aligned with the Slovak Folk Majolica's engagement strategy, we explored all options how to bring the national audience closer to Modran majolica. 

In collaboration with the client, an innovative digital concept came to life where the customers can bring their artistic craft skills to the next level -  an interactive web-based application for the creation of their bespoke Modran majolica. Customers can draw products, pick the motives, colour schemes and combine them with traditional shapes and texting - all from the comfort of their homes!

And when the designs are finished, Slovak Folk Majolica can produce their products and ship to the client. Alternatively, they are more than welcome to come to the workshop and make it themselves.   

This project presented itself with its share of challenges. The complex nature of the application structure, with a myriad of design options that needed to be deployed and coded at the backend, was certainly the key one. 

On the flip side, we're delighted we helped to get this project across the board and support our valued client with their vision while elevating the national heritage.

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