Accelerating BAIT's technology proposition to a media audience


Accelerating the client's web footprint while implementing UX/UI principles is at the heart of what we do. Read how we strengthened BAIT's technology proposition to a media audience.

Photography of Matej Žilák, CTO

Working with LabZone is always great. They're very professional, yet friendly and the remote communication is always at high level. The front-ends provided by them are the best I've worked with and they always show patience and goodwill when integrating to our back-end systems.

Matej Žilák, CTO

The challenge

Digitally present a complex IT and CMS technology brand to a targeted audience and providing front-end development outsourcing

BAIT is a specialised IT and CMS platform based company, founded back in 2005 by a group of IT and media enthusiasts. Headquartered in Ivanka pri Dunaji, Slovakia with an international branch in Czechia, BAIT's main focus is offering niche-targeted development services such as the creation of their own CMS systems for the media industry, game development services and enterprise integration solutions. One of their most prominent clients is FUN MEDIA GROUP which covers Fun radio (leading Slovak radio station with 30% market share for age group 14-54), and few other portals.

The client is a leading technology and CMS expert, with only a handful of competitors in its field. Due to the nature of its business, the need for a strong UX driven digital identity only appeared in the last year.


  • 3x Frontend Developer

Technologies Stack

vue react sass bootstrap

Our solution

UX/UI focused business website that supports BAIT's value proposition and provision of expert development services

One of the projects we delivered for BAIT was the website development. Detail-oriented UX/UI journey design presented the key element in structuring the information and navigating through a complex topic for the end-user. As the visual designs were provided by the client, our responsibility was to qualify the UX/UI approach and code the website per requirements.

The whole project was delivered in an extremely speedy turnaround of x weeks, with client satisfaction resulting in the venture of using our other services.

Utilising/leveraging our development capabilities

As the trust and the relationship soared over 3 years, BAIT was looking for an agile development team that had powerful front and back-end capabilities. Our independent global team ticked all the boxes and therefore was selected to collaborate on several unique projects over the years.

BAIT had a particular interest in the usage of our front-end developers and their in-depth knowledge of Vue.js  and CSS (SASS) technologies.

Key projects delivered:

  • Creation of a new front-end layer for and its strategy using a modern stack language. The main challenge faced was the requirement of bending the new front-end around proprietary BAIT CMS. Due to the performance reasons such as specific caching, we weren't allowed to build a website as a Single Page Application. Our solution was a semi-SPA/hybrid architecture that satisfied back-end platform requirements and followed the proposed UX. This was of the utmost importance when building a completely new online radio player.
  • Development of 2019 IIHF World Championship tracking/score-guessing micro application  - main challenge was the code translation of hockey rules, Championship rules and scoring system implementing UI logic. The fact that end-users were working the scoring app to predict unplayed matches made the entire project even more complex as it had to time-lock certain branches of the app once the initial groups have played.
  • Development of the largest Slovak advertising portal - Avizo. Currently completed first release aimed at the general public. Our team delivered static UI patterns, several JavaScript modules and consulting on overall front-end architecture and code seed (foundational code base and scaffolding setup).

These complex projects require quick thinking outside of the box while delivering innovative and functional solutions. As a team, we love to be challenged and our partner BAIT never disappoints.

We're delighted to work with BAIT while keeping the finger on the pulse on the technology and entertainment industry.

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